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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how UHeal DPC is revolutionizing healthcare.

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when do you open?

We are tentatively opening on October 15, 2020. Contact us now for more information or to pre-enroll. You will not be billed before we open.

What covid19 safety protocols are in place?

Dr. Divya K Chauhan will utilize all necessary personal protective equipment in accordance with current CDC guidelines. Patients must call ahead if they have symptoms of COVID19 or symptoms of any respiratory infection (i.e. cough, runny nose, fever, etc.). Additionally, patients must call ahead if they believe they may have been exposed to COVID19. Alcohol-based sanitizer and masks will be available as well as boxes of disposable tissues for patients. Common spaces and surfaces will be cleaned regularly. We also have single-use hand towels, single-use gloves, and hands-free wastebaskets available.

why should I become a member if I already have insurance?

Even though you already pay for your insurance, when you visit a primary care office, you still pay a copay and additional office visit charge.


At UHeal DPC, there are no copays, deductibles, or charges for telemedicine.


One visit to your primary care doctor through your insurance is roughly equivalent to three months of membership at UHeal DPC.


We purchase medications and labs at wholesale prices, passing on savings up to 90% to our patients.

Where will I get my prescriptions?

You can obtain your prescriptions directly from UHeal DPC or from any pharmacy.

Our discounted wholesale medications offer our members significant savings, often enough to offset the cost of membership.

We do not stock or dispense controlled medications. Those must be obtained through pharmacies.

What is direct primary care? 

Direct Primary Care is healthcare direct from doctor to patient without the interference of insurance companies. When you bill your medical care to insurance companies, your doctors must abide by countless insurance regulations that can reduce your quality of care. Direct Primary Care removes the middleman and complications of deductibles and copays and transfers the savings directly to you! Direct Primary Care focuses on the relationship between doctor and patient, centering health and wellness above corporate profits.

What services are not covered by the membership? 

All hospitalizations, surgical procedures, Oxygen, ER visits, and specialist care are not included in the membership.


Although medications, pathology fees, labs, imaging, and physical therapy are not included, UHeal DPC provides them at heavily discounted rates.


We are not currently providing vaccines, but we will guide you to locations that have affordable prices. We can also guide you to specialists with affordable pricing 


We are not accepting patients who are medicare eligible. Currently, we are also not providing membership to totally homebound nursing home patients.

What sets Uheal Direct Primary care Apart from other practices?

We have cut out the red tape of bureaucracy and restrictions that leave physicians in a traditional health setting buried in endless paperwork.


With that extra time, we can focus on what really matters: our patients. Nothing should interfere with the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship.


At UHeal DPC, we are returning family practice medicine to its root values of clinical excellence and compassion. In every aspect of family healthcare, we promise affordability, convenience, and accessibility.

would i benefit from a membership even if I don't go to the doctor often?

For less than your monthly cell phone payment, your UHeal DPC membership will offer you peace of mind should you experience any medical illness or urgent conditions.


UHeal DPC also offers the gift time. You'll no longer need to deal with long wait times and short appointments.

If I am a uheal member do i still need insurance?

Anyone can join UHeal, regardless of their insurance status, but we do recommend members also have insurance in case of major illness or emergency. We can refer you to an insurance representative to customize your plan.

Even if you pay for both your UHeal DPC membership and insurance, you will still save a considerable amount of money because you will no longer need to navigate copays or high deductibles.

Can i use my health savings account for my monthly fees?

Check with your employer to confirm, but you should be able to use your flexible savings account to cover your monthly membership fee at UHeal DPC.

What if I need medical attention while I am away from home?

No matter where you go, UHeal DPC is only an email, text, phone, or video call away.

Because we do not accept insurance, we are free from third-party restrictions and are able to streamline your care no matter where you are.

We can prescribe you any medications to a pharmacy near you and help keep your travel experience positive.

How do labs and imaging work?

UHeal DPC is contracted with LabCorp and Quest. We will bill you directly during your appointment and then send your lab work away. All prices are transparent and available ahead of time. For imaging, pricing is also transparent. We are contracted with local imaging centers and upfront about pricing. If your insurance provides better rates for labs or imaging, you can also use your insurance rather than self-paying.



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