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Founded in 2020

UHeal Direct Primary Care

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Witnessing the public health and economic disaster caused by the COVID19 pandemic, Dr. Divya K Chauhan was inspired to leave her long time hospital career to start UHeal Direct Primary Care, introducing accessible and affordable healthcare to her community without the need for insurance.


Direct Primary Care is an insurance-free healthcare model with a focus on affordability and the doctor-patient relationship. At UHeal DPC, you are our primary focus. We skip the insurance middleman to deliver the savings directly to you!


It's an old fashioned idea for the new millennium. Rediscover how medicine was meant to be practiced, without the insurance company inserting themselves into the exam room.


So what's the catch?
There isn't one!  Dr. Divya believes medical services should be affordable and convenient for everyone. She keeps her overhead low by eliminating the middleman to pass on the savings to her patients. Learn more by watching our video below!
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